Bolsover and District Cycling Club bring you a new challenge, BAD to the BONE, the Bosolver and District Hill Climbing Challenge.

We've had a look and it turns out Bolsover, the home of our club, is at the top of a hill! There are a number of challenges in hilly areas, like Sheffield's Magnificent Seven and we figured Bolsover is just as good so needed it's own hill challenge.

As a result, we've teamed up with Veloviewer to produce the BAD to the BONE challenge.

We're challenging any and all riders to have a go at riding up all the main climbs on the hill, that is:

1) Black Banks
2) Station Road
3) New Station Road
4) Castle Lane
5) Carr Lane
6) Ault Hucknal
7) Hardwick Main Entrance

That's seven, which Sheffield thinks is Magnificent. But the green and black has to go better. So there's also our legendary Hardwick Hill Climb.

8) Hardwick Hill Climb

Now, you must remember that Hardwick is a one way and the hill climb goes against the one way. So please, ride it as part of our hill climb event or another appropriate time.

But we're green and black, so that's not enough. There's also the BAD to the BONE segment. This is a 34 mile strava segment that takes in all of the main seven climbs in one go!

9) BAD to the Bone

There's a Strava route to help you navigate the BAD to the BONE segment here.

Now, to enter the challenge you need to be in our Strava clubs. We have a Bolsover and District Cycling Club Strava Club, you have to request membership and there will be an approval delay as it's for paying club members only. For that, we have a dedicated leaderboard powered by Veloviewer here.

We also have a Strava Club dedicated to this challenge which is open for anyone to join, even people from Sheffield! You can find that here and the Veloviewer powered leaderboard is here.

They work exactly like the 100 Greatest Climbs Leaderboard described here.

So many club members are already on the Leaderboard. At the time of writing 139 members have placed on the board, with a Mr Ebbage in first place, not sure who he is. Some ringer I expect.

The public board hasn't got many people on it yet, but Mr Ebbage is there too! I bet some of our local rival clubs can make him work for that first place.

Meanwhile, I'm the KOM for the BAD to the BONE segment, but since I'm the only rider. That doesn't mean much and that's going to get taken off me easily. I had a head wind, a herd of cows at Hardwick and any other excuses I can think of for my slow time!

So to take part:

  1. Join this Strava Club.
  2. Ride hills in Bolsover, logging it on Strava
  3. Check the Leaderboard (and for B&DCC members this leaderboard too)


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