Club Social Rides

28 Oct 2016

One of the biggest aspects of B&DCC is our wide range of social rides.

We have regular "club organised" social road rides on a Saturday and Sunday. And have mid week MTB rides plus monthly Saturday MTB rides.

We also have a lot of "member organised" social riding going on. People will decide they want to get a group together on an ad-hoc or regular basis to go and ride somewhere.

There's also a bunch of mid-week training that goes on, with people riding on Zwift, Harthill Hill Training etc. Which is not quite the competitive stuff, as it's social training. Which is now a thing as I just typed it.

So to find out more about what the club offers:

To have a look at some of our standard routes we ride:

Or to just find a ride that's been planned (be it a regular, a one off, a sportive/audax/race that some people are doing or a more social event) visit:


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  1. How do we join the club
  2. I've sent you an email Carol but it may have found its way into your junk folder.
  3. Hi I'm interested in joining however would like some more information if possible, is there anyone I can contact to speak to? Thanks, Carol


  1. 60th Birthday Ride.

    With my 60th birthday looming next week it was time today to put beer fest and cake fest behind me and get the mountain bike out, for what else than a 60 mph bike ride, accompanied by my long standing...

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