It’s another “Americanism”, but there’s more and more of those new-fangled gravel bikes being sold in the UK.

These bikes sit in-between a road bike, and a mountain bike, (and are very close to being slightly less “racy” cyclo cross bike) and the type of terrain they work best on are exactly as described “Gravel Roads”.

We are lucky in this area, that there are loads of converted disused railways, lots of well surfaced bridleways and farm tracks, and loads of fast forest roads through areas such as Sherwood and Clumber. Tracks that are a bit tame and boring on a mountain bike, but something that becomes a challenge on a drop barred, skinny tyred “gravel bike”.

We see more and more people buying these do-it- all machines, and its looking increasingly likely that we will cater for this demand in 2016 with a new genre of ride for those riders that like this sort of challenge.

Keep an eye on our calendar for these rides appearing soon...


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