Today we said goodbye to this wonderful man, our club secretary Ian Farrand. 
Ian became involved with the club through his son Daniel Farrand who is a high achieving TT and hill-climbing competitor and a chip off the old block. Passion, commitment, talent and an insuppressible sense of humour run in the family.

For those who did not have had the pleasure to know Ian personally, he was enticed on to the B&DCC committee at the first club meeting he attended, undertaking a job he knew nothing about.  He proceeded to throw himself in to the role of secretary with gusto, making it his mission to get to know who was who, to become familiar with the workings and foibles of all the different disciplines and to embrace the Jervis-led B&DCC technological revolution despite his personal preference for ink and quill. 

He bombarded us with entertaining and persuasive e-mails and rustled up juicy newsletters each month, updating us all with details of cycling-related events and happenings in the club and beyond. When discipline secretaries were not forthcoming with contributions or when news was thin on the ground, Ian filled the newsletter with General Cycling Knowledge, the sort of stuff you need to win pub quizzes, and with hilarious personal anecdotes of life on wheels back in the day ...

Ian was a wise and generous man. He quickly became the club grandfather:  a socialite, a grafter, a role model and a great friend to us all. He will be remembered by many members for his informative and amusing commentary booming through the darkness and creating a unique excitement and atmosphere at the Hardwick Hill Climb. But as well as his high profile antics, Ian worked tirelessly behind the scenes, communicating with the wider world on our behalf, listing, liaising, and laughing along the way.

It was heartening that so many B&DCC members were able to join Ian’s family to celebrate his life, to show our appreciation of his work and to share in some of the many memories of his impact on our lives.   He will be deeply missed but never forgotten. 

- by Ruth Sutherland 



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