Here's another brilliant race report from Maddy Smith, who along with a load more Green and Black took part in Round 5 & 6 of the Midlands Mountain Bike XC race series over the weekend.

Bolsover domination again – Fantastic weekend for us mountain bikers …. If anyone has any doubts about the numbers of folk in the club interested in fat tyres then this weekend proved them wrong. Saturday was at Parkwood Springs and Sunday at Rother Valley Park. Both dry and dusty venues with lots of berms and hills.

Saturday there were around 18 racers from the club and Sunday around 13. That along with numerous more marshalling and supporting. A special thank you to the marshals (Conor McGuigan, Sam Marriott, Alex Whiting and a couple more I think but due to my stress racing probably missed). Also a very special thanks to the folk in the pits who were there for us all throughout. It was roasting. Not forgetting the organisers and Mark for the commentary.

I have extracted the race position and lap times for our club from Roots & Rain to give a flavour of the weekend. Download it here. Of the 30 or so riders over the weekend there were 4 x first place, 2 x second place and 8 x third place. These results are just a fraction of the weekend really and it’s the taking part and being part of something special that counts.

A few performances of note for me were Louise Wainwright coming back from some time off to win the Vet women, Mike Leaney (G.Vet) slogging head to head for two 3rd places in a massively competitive class with a couple of National Champions, Mike Turner and David Steed battling throughout (I couldn’t catch either of them), Graham Whiting (S.Vet) taking 3rd place after returning from significant injury, Evie Steed (U12) sprinting to 3rd place against all the odds of a power rider twice her size, Casper Reynolds dragging me round the practice lap on his CX bike making me feel very inadequate on my teccy bike and fat wheels, Luke Farrell taking a stylish 3rd place in the Open Men, Stuart Atkinson storming to 6th Open Male on his retro bike (Love it) and last but not least Kieren Brown taking a 1st and 2nd place over the weekend and have a look at those lap times ….they fried the rest of us … the joys of being on the upward trajectory as a youngster as opposed to …. I had a good ride and took a first and second in the Elites and my lap times were slightly more promising than previous months… and I love that black shirt…it has been with me from day one in the club… probably the last outing.

Ok it was a great weekend and I am sorry if I have missed any performances of note…

Looking forward to the last race in Eckington (Our club race) in a few weeks. See you soon.


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