TT is unique amongst the competitive disciplines, as rather than racing against other riders you are really racing against yourself and the clock. B&DCC club members take part regularly in our busy local TT scene through the season which runs from April to September, where it merges into the Hill Climb season.


Our area has a vibrant TT scene with many regular TT events running through the season allowing you to test yourself on the same course regularly and monitor your performance.


B&DCC has a number of dedicated and occasional TT riders who regularly attend some of our local TTs, particularly B&DCCs own Cuckney 10 TT run on Wednesday evenings throughout the TT season.

Ranging from people who's primary focus is TT, and those who just want to come and have a go. TT is always a friendly atmosphere as everyone is racing against a common enemy, the second hand...

Anyone who wants to come and have a go is encourage to have a try. You don't need a special bike, aero bars or a skin suit. Just hop on your road bike, get on the drops and go all out...




B&DCC have run a regular Wednesday evening 10 mile TT at Cuckney for the last few seasons. Additionally, we promote a SPOCO TT, this is a longer hilly TT at Barlow on the edge of the Peak District.

The Cuckney TT is a particulary good local event to come and have your first taste of TT within the friendly embrace of your club. More details for the Cuckney TT can be found [HERE]. This years SPOCO is [HERE].

These events couldn't happen without marshalls, and we are always keen to find more volenteers to take their turn at helping out directing riders on the course.

Mark Bridgman-Smith - TT Secretary

Mark is the driving force between B&DCCs TT involvement, organising all of our TT and hill climb events. He also promotes other TT events happening in the area.


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  1. 13 riders tonight and no marshal's for the junctions, marshal's are needed on Wednesday's TT


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