If you want to get in touch with the club about road rides or events, please contact the person mentioned in the relevant articles from the main menu. If you wish to contact the club about other issues contact one of the following:



Contact Details

Conor McGuigan Club Chairman chair@banddcc.org.uk
Michael Leaney Club Vice-Chairman vicechair@banddcc.org.uk 
Ruth Sutherland Women’s Secretary womenssecretary@banddcc.org.uk
Conor McGuigan Membership Secretary membership@banddcc.org.uk
Steven Hinchliffe Go Ride Coordinator goride@banddcc.org.uk


If you wish to raise or discuss a safeguarding issue, please see our Safeguarding & Welfare page.

Website Enquiries

Got a problem with the website? Email the Club’s webmaster webmaster@banddcc.org.uk