The Sparrowfart is a road ride run on a Saturday morning with a 7:30am start. These are shorter rides around 30 miles aiming to get people home in time to spend the majority of the day with their family.

The start point is in the car park at the Co-op Food store at the junction of Newbold Road and Littlemoor Road (S41 8RJ), with routes generally heading west into the Peak District and as a result are quite hilly.

Pace fits in with our club “Red” pace, which is around 14-15mph average over the hills.

The Sparrows ride year round, applying the Velominati rules #5 and #9.

If you are interested in riding with us, drop in on our Facebook group or contact

Please respect the club ride rules described here and we also have an FAQ here.

The Saturday Sparrowfart is a red paced route averaging 15-16 mph for about 2 hours, but please be aware that most routes are hilly.

Each week’s rides will be announced on the B&DCC Facebook group.

You’ll need to be self sufficient with inner tubes, pump, multitool and with the route loaded onto your GPS device.

Adding Routes To Your GPS Head Unit

Download routes from Strava by clicking on this week’s link below. Please see our help guide on how to download routes to your head unit.

Strava Route Description
Strava Link #1 Sparrowfart East through Dronfield and Eckington, returning through Staveley.
Strava Link #2 Sparrowfart South towards Matlock before heading round to the A6 to Cromford to climb Riber.
Strava Link #3 Sparrowfart With climbs up Harewood Lane, Stanton in the Peak and Rowsley Bar, you’ll need your climbing legs!
Strava Link #4 Sparrowfart East to Cuckney through Clowne and Creswell and back through Bolsover.
Strava Link #5 Sparrowfart Leaving Chesterfield via Old Brampton and Wigley, climbing Longstone Edge and returning through Eyam and a climb up half of Curbar.
Strava Link #6 Sparrowfart Out to Hathersage via Owler Bar then heading south to Hassop before a ride through Chatsworth and a climb up Beeley.
Strava Link #7 Sparrowfart Through Barlow to climb Fox Lane before a quick descent in Baslow then on to Bakewell for a blast along the A6 (keep in a tight group!) and a climb up Beeley.
Strava Link #8 Sparrowfart Out towards Hathersage and climbing up to Ringinglow. Drop down into Dore and up Twentywell Lane, then return through Dronfield.
Strava Link #9 Sparrowfart South to Higham and onto Crich before going over to Matlock for the climb up Farley Lane.
Strava Link #10 Sparrowfart Starting with the sharp climbs up Bage Hill and Birkin Lane on the way out towards Ashover, then turn east to Tibshelf before skirting Hardwick on the way back towards Chesterfield.
Strava Link #11 Sparrowfart Out to Bamford and the climbs up to Stannage and the top half of Curbar on the way back.
Strava Link #12 Sparrowfart South to Clay Cross and Ogston reservoir, then on to Matlock for the climb up Bank Road and Farley Lane before the descent down Cutthorpe into Chesterfield.
Strava Link #13 Sparrowfart Ride currently being updated.
Strava Link #14 Sparrowfart A climbing route: taking Fox Lane up to Owler Bar, then on to Hathersage before returning via Leam Lane and full Curbar.
Strava Link #15 Sparrowfart A local loop going through Dronfield, Staveley, Bolsover and Tupton.
Strava Link #16 Sparrowfart South along the A61 to Higham, before going through Tibshelf to Mansfield, and returning to Chesterfield via Pleasley and Sutton Scarsdale.
Strava Link #17 Sparrowfart Climbing up to Beeley Moor and then descending to Beeley, there is then a quick blast along the A6 and side roads to Tansley. A sharp climb then takes the route back up to “The Tops” before a final descent into Chesterfield down the Matlock Road.
Strava Link #18 Sparrowfart Going up Bage Hill before heading over the tops to Brackenfield, then
north east to Morton and Hardwick before the return to Chesterfield.
Strava Link #19 Sparrowfart Going up Far Lane and down Curbar and then out to Monsal Head, then turning north east towards Eyam before the Grindleford climb to Longshaw and home.
Strava Link #20 Sparrowfart Heading through Bolsover to Nether Langwith before skirting Poulter Country Park and heading home via Elmton and Staveley.
Strava Link #21 Sparrowfart South to Ogston and Brackenfield before heading towards Cromford and then Matlock on the A6, and on to Tansley, climbing back up onto the tops before a fast decscent back into Chesterfield.
Strava Link #22 Sparrowfart Three good hills: climbing out through Old Brampton to Baslow, up to Owler Bar, across to Longshaw and down to Grindleford before the climb back up Froggatt.
Strava Link #23 Sparrowfart (revised) Avoiding Lea closed road