Adding Strava Routes to GPS Head Units

We are often asked how to add our routes to your GPS head units. Here are the easiest ways on how to add routes on three popular makes of cycling computers – Wahoo, Garmin and Hammerhead.

You can find nearly all our club ride routes on this website in the Ride With Us section. Ad hoc routes are available on our individual Facebook group posts.

★ Keep It Simple ★

The simplest way to add routes to your GPS head unit is to add your Strava account to your device and to ★ the route. This will automatically copy the route to your device. You will need to log in to your Strava account to ★ routes.

The advantage of using the ★ function on Strava is that if we amend the route, your device will automatically update to the amended route the next time you sync your device.

Manually Importing Routes

If you are a premium Strava member, you can manually export routes for manual import onto your device.

  • Log in to Strava
  • Select the Strava link for the ride you want on this website
  • Select the Export GPX button and save the route to your computer – remember where you saved the file!

Click the link below and follow the instructions for your device to import the downloaded GPX file:

For importing GPX files onto other makes of GPS head unit, please see manufacturer’s instructions.

We hope you found this short guide helpful.