Road Ride FAQ

This page clears up a few Frequently Asked Questions about club road rides!

What Makes it a Club Ride?

First question really is what is an official B&DCC Club Ride? Simple answer, it’s any club ride posted to the ride calendar tagged as a Club Ride. Currently, this means the 9am Sunday ride from the Cenotaph and the Saturday 7:30am rides from Bolsover (Cockadoodle) and Newbold (Sparrowfart).

Can We Ride a Different Route?

Yes and it will still be a club ride. If you ride to the start of one of our official rides, and choose to ride elsewhere, then you are still on the club ride.

What if we Start at a Different Time?

No, if we post a 9am route, and you and some others decide to ride earlier or later, you are not on the club ride.

Do I Have to Wear a Helmet?

Yes, whilst the club recognises this is a subject of some debate, club rules require a helmet on a club ride. If you are not wearing a helmet, you will not be welcome on the ride and will be asked to leave. We feel this is the best decision for the following reasons:

  1. Public perception of cyclists
  2. If the worst comes to the worst and a helmet could have made a difference it is unfair on your club mates if you were not wearing one

Am I Insured?

Club rides are covered by British Cycling insurance for the club. This provides third party liability insurance for club officers in the event of an incident. This is why you must be a member to ride the club rides.

i.e. if something happens on the club run and someone sue’s the club then the club is protected.

What About New Members?

New members have a grace period of a “few” rides before being required to be a member under the terms of the British Cycling insurance.

What About Visitors?

Visiting members are covered on the same basis as new members.

What About Personal Insurance?

Please note, we are not qualified to offer formal advice on this, check the details of any policies yourself to clarify exactly what you are covered for. The club can accept no liability in the event you do not understand your own levels of cover.

You may already have personal liability insurance under the terms of your home insurance, please check with your insurer.

If you are a British Cycling Ride or Race member, you will have third party liability insurance under those terms for general road riding. For racing, you’ll need a race membership and pay careful attention to what is and what is not covered by that.

Remember, third party liability insurance doesn’t cover you in the event of an accident on your own to provide a source of income if you are too injured to work etc, it just covers you against problems you cause others. You may also want to check your life insurance or other personal insurance policies.

If you are racing, you need to pay serious attention and clarify that your kind of racing is specifically covered.

Do I Have to Wear Club Kit on a Club Ride?

It would be nice to see our club rides out in club colours, and it would be nice if you were proud to be seen in club colours. However, it is not a requirement.

Can I Wear Club Kit on a Non-Club Ride?

Yes, you can wear club kit on any ride, including rides on a standard ride day with a different start time. Please make sure you set a good example as a cyclist when wearing club kit. You are an ambassador of the club when riding in our colours, set a good example to all other road users.