A Sportive is an organised Road Ride event. Sportives range in size with participation numbers of a few hundred up to many thousands at Ride London.

The event organisers take care of everything on the day for you leaving you to ride your bike and enjoy the day. Event distances range from about 25 miles up to 150/200 miles for a one day event and even multi-day events like the Tour of the Highlands doing 325 miles over three days.

The event route will always be sign posted, although the organisers typically supply GPS route files also.

Feed stations are provided every 25/30 miles, giving you chance to re-fuel and top up your drinks. Mechanical support is sometimes provided for minor tweeks to your bike as is medical support should you need it.

Although these are not races, there are sometimes time limits and usually official event timing. If you fall outside these time limits you will either be picked up by the ‘Broomwagon’ or directed straight back to HQ. You may also get a goody bag at the end.

These events can be done with groups of friends or if you choose to ride on your own, you will more than likely make friends along the way.


There are literally dozens of sportives up and down the country every weekend. With the ever increasing popularity of cycling, there has never been so much choice. It all comes down to how far you want to travel.

Many B&DCC members take part in our local sportive events, but also some have travelled to take part in the Coast to Coast In A Day, Tour of the Highlands and Wales in a Day events to name a few milestone events.

There are also many international events, most notable the Etape du Tour and the Marmotte. Or why not book a whole weeks holiday and ride the French Alps, Lakes of Italy or a tour around Croatia.

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Please check the events calendar, where we post most of our local popular events.


B&DCC Do not currently promote a sportive event, although we do run the Bolsover Jester, a reliability trial, similar to a sportive.


Dave Martin – Sportive Secretary

Dave Martin rides many sportive events. Famously taking part of the Coast to Coast in a Day event after riding from Whitby to the start at Seascale the day before. Oh and riding Wales in a Day!

Darren Billings – Men’s Sportive Captain

Darren is a keen sportive and audax rider, finding a love for our local friendly hills at last too. Darren is always keen to try new roads and new events often travelling abroad for a week of warmer weather and longer hills. His calendar of event entries is an epic sight to behold. Some of the tougher events he’s completed include the epic Tour of the Highlands, Peak Epic, Tour of the Peak and many others…

Sonia Insley – Ladies Sportive Captain

Sonia is a dedicated road rider, she trains hard through the year and when she isn’t shaming less dedicated men on sportives or a chase up a hill on a clubride, she’s taking part in TTs and hill climbs. This is backed up by her extensive collection of QOM badges on Strava.