Road Racing

The area of North East Derbyshire & South Yorkshire is a traditional hotbed of road racing talent, and has forged many top professional riders, national champions and accomplished amateurs. There are no “easy roads” around this area and as a consequence it hardens the legs and lungs of any cyclist with the drive to follow a pathway into competing on the road.

B&DCC is a fairly young club, we had our 10th Birthday in 2016. And the field of road racing is one where longer established clubs have an advantage in terms of experience and knowledge transfer.

A number of our members take part in local road races, although it’s obvious that a club needs a critical mass of around 10-12 regular racers at similar categories to make an impact on the road racing scene. We were rapidly approaching this number, but a handful of our riders found themselves with an offer that they couldn’t refuse and joined a local team, the Andy Moore Autocentres Racing Team.

We are looking for more riders, and would welcome anyone with an interest in road racing. Several of our veterans have the knowledge to share, and will help you on your journey.


Although we don’t have a closed road circuit on our immediate doorstep, we aren’t too far away from a few local venues including Harvey Haddon at Nottingham, Darley Moor at Ashbourne, and Forge Valley at Sheffield.

All these venues host regular events through the year. Several organisations also promote events on the open roads (with infrastructure such as lead cars and marshalled junctions).

British Cycling affiliated events are the most frequent, and provide plenty of opportunities for younger riders in particular. Additionally the North Midlands Road Racing league also host numerous events in South Yorkshire promoted under the banner of the TLI.

The slightly older rider is also well catered for by the LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists), although their events are very popular and sell out quickly.

If you’re looking to get into road racing, it helps to have the advice of someone who understands the nuances of race licenses, event categories and tactic, so please ask for advice.

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B&DCC Do not currently promote a road race locally. We are however heavily involved in trying to influenced the construction of a closed road racing circuit locally to give us a “home” to nurture our young talent in an environment that is safe to offer coaching.

Such a venue would give us the infrastructure to offer much, much more on this side of the sport.


John Hind – Road Race Secretary

John Hind rides bikes fast on the road.

Vacancy – Men’s Road Race Captain

We currently have a vacancy for a men’s road race captain.