Club Road Rides

The club runs a range of road rides to suit all riders. We have a variety of regular rides through the week, some seasonal, plus members regularly post to our social channels to organise ad-hoc group rides where the fancy takes them. We have a list of our road ride routes on the site too.


The Sparrowfart is an early hilly ride, Saturday at 7:30am riding from Newbold in Chesterfield. More details on the Sparrowfart page.


The Cockadoodle offers hilly and flattish rides, Saturday at 7:30am riding from the Cenotaph at Bolsover. More details on the Cockadoodle page.

Sunday Social Ride

The main club ride is a 9am start on Sunday from Bolsolver Cenotaph. More details on the B&DCC Sunday Road Rides page.

Ride Rules

Club rides come with a few rules and some suggestions, see our article on road ride rules and road ride FAQ